two weeks before super bowl xlvi, we were asked if we wanted the event's banners and fabrics. 49 pallets showed up. our sewing machines have been humming ever since.

 Vinyl banners piled on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium shortly after the Giants defeated the Patriots.
 Super Bowl XVLI fabric being cut and processed by some PUP volunteers (The very talented Ray & Nick).
 Banners laid out for cutting and folding.
 Super Bowl banners converted into room dividers at THE PLATFORM at CITY MARKET


This one was intense. Just under two weeks before Indianapolis' Super Bowl XLVI, PUP was contacted by the NFL regarding the salvage of all the fabric, vinyl, and fence wrap that was installed throughout Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center. Early communication with the NFL indicated that we'd be receiving 8 pallet boxes of fabric. As such we were surprised when 49 showed up at our warehouse - an estimated 5 miles of material!

Since then, we've incorporated the fabric into our existing product line. And we've found a few homes for it out in the community, including room dividers for The Platform at the Indianapolis City Market. 

Partners: NFL