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"There's no 'away' in throwing something away."

Michael Braungart & William McDonough |  cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things

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We're designers and problem-solvers that match existing resources with current community needs. Sometimes we launch these projects ourselves, but increasingly, we're hired to help other companies and community organizations develop design solutions for the salvage and repurposing of their resources. 

resource assessment studies

If you have a lot of something that you're getting rid of, we'll help you assess its reuse potential. Primarily this involves building demolitions, renovations, and/or civic infrastructure upgrades. And while we don't typically work with the basics - steel, plastic, aluminum - resources that can easily be recycled, we can help with the more unique items - fabrics, seating, and even an entire building that you're trying to activate. The deliverable is typically a 15-30 page assessment that outlines reuse potential and recommended next steps. Fees are determined on a per-project basis.

rca dome roof salvage

bush stadium seat salvage

hinkle fieldhouse seat salvage

schematic design & PROJECT FACILITATION

Whether we're developing a new product or figuring out how a resource could be reused, good design is at the core of our work. We're committed to bringing quality, affordable, and inclusive design to public spaces, often with the use of salvaged resources. As such, if you've got an idea for a pocket park, plaza, or urban furniture, we can help bring it to life with schematic design, fabrication facilitation, and installation. Depending on scope, fees are per-project or hourly. 

english foundation trailstop

old city hall

highland vicinity shade structure

product development

While we don't develop individual custom products, we can help prototype, design, and manufacture larger runs of a new product with your material. Typically this means that you plan to order at least 250 units. Though the process varies based on the type of material, it often includes a resource assessment, prototyping, testing, refinement, and eventually production. 


corporate gifts

super bowl xlvi fabric reuse

If you have an idea for a project, please reach out by completing the form below. We typically respond within a week.