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People for Urban Progress

1043 Virginia Ave. Ste. 213

Indianapolis, IN 46203

(We're located on the 2nd Floor of the Murphy Building in Fountain Square)

PUP visits FREITAG in Zurich.

Michael, Jessica, and Liz have just returned from a trip to Zurich where PUP had a chance to meet with the core team at FRIETAG (an inspired company that designs and builds products from truck tarplins). We traded ideas, learned some things, and are eager to get back to work at PUP HQ. 

RCA Dome Shade Structure Complete at Butler University's Campus Farm

In July 2011, the Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) at Butler University was awarded a grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust to expand both the physical space and the educational programming associated with the Butler Campus Farm. The CUE runs the farm, exists to explore, steward, and enhance urban ecosystems with a vision of becoming a national leader in the study and practice of urban ecology. It was the desire of the CUE to build a pavilion for the farm that would not only serve the farm’s day-to-day working needs but to have a shelter that would be an educational outreach center for Butler University and the community at large. In addition, the design of the pavilion needed to have a goal of 100% recycled content and express a landmark, and to be demonstrative in its educational/research purpose of the CUE.

Aware of the reclaimed RCA Dome material, Tim Carter, the CUE's Executive Director, partnered with People for Urban Progress to help develop the idea for the pavilion utilizing the RCA Dome material as the roof of the pavilion. Working with local architect Paul Puzzello, a design solution was created based on the shape created by the intersection of two circles with the same diameter, seen in medieval art, architecture, and crop circles. The roof design was conceived using digital modeling techniques for both the structure and to pattern the RCA Dome material’s complex shape.

Community Volunteer Day Coming Up

Community Volunteer Day coming up on Saturday, July 13 from 1-4 p.m., and we would love to have you participate. We will be at Indianapolis Fabrications, and we need help processing RCA Dome and Super Bowl materials so that they can be transformed into products and projects for our city.
If you're interested in joining us, please RSVP here: http://pupcommunityday.eventbrite.com/ 

Introducing, The Cool Bus

Word on the Street submitted an idea to PUP hosted #MAKE5x5: Indianapolis arts and innovation contest to convert an old school bus into a literary art center with a budget of $10,000 and a time frame of 11 weeks. Here's their story. Introducing, The Cool Bus.

5X5 / Cool Bus from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.

The debut of The Cool Bus took place on June 28 at IndyHub hosted 5x5: Indianapolis arts and innovation with the theme "Face Your City: an urban love affair" where Malina Jeffers walked away with $10,000 to make her idea happen: I am an Artist.

There's one more opportunity to win $10,000 to MAKE It Happen. The final chapter in this year's 5x5 series takes place at Harrison Center for the Arts on Friday, September 6 with the theme: "Connect Your City." Accepting submissions now through Wed, July 31.


Indy Bike Polo Project

On May 25, 2013 we helped Indy Bike Polo in Arsenal Park by wrapping our Super Bowl fabric around their home courts.  Through this project, PUP and Indy Bike Polo have made this park part of the community again by making the park more appealing to visit.  

New car share program launches in Indianapolis, Spring 2014.

Indianapolis' Mayor Ballard alongside Vincent Bollore (pictured here) of Bollore group announce launch of new car share program, the first of it's kind in the United States. Bollore chose Indianapolis as U.S. launch site, will operate an all electric car fleet. Will launch with 500 cars and 180 charging stations beginning Spring 2014.

"After advocating and developing carsharing for the past 5 years, PUP is excited by Indianapolis' new partnership with AutoLib. Mayor Ballard and the City of Indianapolis is taking an ambitious first step toward expanding our transit options - continuing to make Indianapolis a more connected, contemporary, and livable city. PUP looks forward to collaborating with the Mayor's team and Autolib, ensuring we find great carsharing locations in neighborhoods throughout the city." - Michael Bricker, Executive Director, People for Urban Progress

"Thank you Mayor Ballard for your continued commitment to transit, sustainability practices, the environment and all of your effort to improve quality of life for Indianapolis Citizens." - Gary Reiter, Board President, People for Urban Progress

PUPstop Project in SpontaneousInterventions Exhibit at Chicago Cultural Center

Our PUPstop Project was selected to be apart of SpontaneousInterventions: design actions for the common good. The theme for the U.S. Pavilion at the 13th International Venice Architectural Biennale. PUP is one of 84 design actions featured as a part of the exhibit hosted at the Chicago Cultural Center through September 1, 2013.

MAKE 5x5

We hosted 5x5: Indianapolis Arts and Innovation's MAKE Your City, Make it Happen last month. Here's a quick look at what happened, who won, and what's next!

PUP 5X5 from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.


At long last, we finally have BUSH STADIUM SEAT BASE KITS and REFURBISHED SEATS available to order and purchase. 

Here's what you need to know:

If you're still interested in purchasing seats 'as-is', we have added new dates:
WHEN: Starting April 25th, Thursdays ONLY, between 3:30-5:30pm.
WHERE: Indianapolis Fabrications, 1125 Brookside Ave. Ste. G50, 46202. They're located near the north end of the Circle City Industrial Complex.
PAYMENT: Cash and Credit Card Only.
CONTACT: claire@peopleup.org. 

If you have already purchased seats and would like to purchase a base kit, please ORDER HERE. Assembly required. Kits will include instructions. Kits are also made to order and could take up to three weeks to complete (though we're working as fast as we can). If you purchased a group of seats, please see both the BASE KIT and SKI FEET as base options.

**RED STEEL SEATS** - Base Kits do NOT fit the red STEEL seats, only orange and red ALUMINUM seats. For refurbished STEEL seats, contact Indianapolis Fabrications directly at randy@indianapolisfabrications.com.

Also ORDER HERE for assembled REFURBISHED and AS-IS seat sets plus Base Kits. Seats are made to order and could take up to three weeks to complete. 

If you have questions about the seats, dates, or placing a custom order, please contact us at katie@peopleup.org. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 



"The Cool Bus" winner of MAKE 5x5: Indianapolis Arts and Innovation

Photo: Word on the Street's Jamey McPherson, Thomas Lewis, Elizabeth Sparrow, Chris Hartley and Kirstin Northenscold

Kirsten Northenscold presented "The Cool Bus" idea at MAKE 5x5: Indianapolis Arts and Innovation event hosted by People for Urban Progress at Indianapolis Fabrications. The Cool Bus will be part installation, part toolbox, and all awesome. By setting up designated routes and coordinating with other educational institutions and nonprofits, they hope to become a literary center kids in Indianapolis can count on. Whether that be for their class on how to create a comic or for the final edits on a history paper. The result will be excited learners, better writers, and a more connected Indy.

Bayonet Media has started documenting their work. You can see The Cool Bus in action on Georgia Street Friday, June 28 at the next 5x5 Arts and Innovation event hosted by IndyHub.

Word on the Street: The Cool Bus from Word On The Street on Vimeo