PEOPLE FOR URBAN PROGRESS is an Indianapolis-based 501c3 non-profit that advances good design and civic sustainability by developing products and projects in connectivity, responsible reuse, and making.

PUP is creating a smarter, more sustainable, and more resilient city by combining good design with existing resources. We are stewards of Indianapolis’ resources and curators of its public spaces. 

All cities are facing new challenges as their buildings age. In an urban context, sustainability isn’t just about solar panels and recycling. It’s about rethinking waste and being smart with what we have. 

‘Used’ does not equal unusable. 

These are design challenges, and PUP is the organization best prepared to articulate these challenges, and to mobilize both the public and the design community to face them head-on with creativity, integrity, and innovation. 



01. Reuse

We collaborate with local companies and communities to develop products and projects that define what it means to be a truly sustainable city.

02. Design

We show how design can be affordable, accessible, inclusive, and beautiful. We are citizen designers that are creating the future of our city.

03. City

We position Indianapolis as a leader in smart, sustainable, and resilient design. We are the future of urban design thinking, doing, and building.