Suit Up for Team PUP

I might be the least competitive person I know. I mainly played on sports teams to hang out with my friends and come up with funny cheers, but I always loved being on the team. During my notable basketball career (beginning in 4th grade when my team didn’t win a single game) whenever I made a basket I was thrilled. But it was the passes, picks, and hours of practice that helped us win games and progress forward. Being a part of a team always meant being a part of something greater than oneself, and that's pretty rad. 

This tournament is no different, and we need our fans to suit up. We need you out on the court more than in the stands. Brackets For Good is a single-elimination fundraising tournament where non-profits compete in the spirit of March Madness. We have until Friday at 8pm to raise more money than our opponent and move on to the next round. Money we raise through this tournament will go specifically towards cleaning and cutting our acres (quite literally) of RCA Dome fabric.

Clean fabric leads to -> more design projects and products made so we can -> take on more recycled materials (less in landfills) and also -> employ more individuals.

We have a small staff and want maximum impact, so we partner with RecycleForce to help us clean and process our fabric. Through this partnership we employ formerly incarcerated individuals, who are typically up against the odds to find a job upon release. Having steady employment greatly decreases the rate of re-offending cases and RecycleForce provides not only skills training but personal development as well.

Whether you are a die-hard Colts fan, prefer to cheer in the Indy Eleven Brickyard Battalion, or just watch your daughter’s basketball games because she will need a ride home afterwards (thanks, Mom and Dad) let your competitive side out this week. 

$12 pays for an hour cleaning our fabric

$48 pays for a new cutting mat

$196 pays for a new rolling storage bin for our materials.

I choose to join team PUP because we are working to make Indy more connected, keeping waste out of landfills, and employing our neighbors. If that isn’t your thing, there are 63 other non-profits that are doing amazing things in this city that would be deserving of your support. 

Emma Hagenauer grew up in Indianapolis and studied Fashion Merchandising at Ball State University. She first joined PUP as an Intern in 2015. After living and volunteering in Jamaica, West Indies she returned to Indy with a fresh appreciation for her community (and fried plantains).

When she's not pondering over clever Instagram captions, she's most likely dancing, dreaming up business ideas, or planting trees with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.