Dumpster Diving: Full Circle

It all began with us diving in dumpsters to save dome material back in 2008 so it is only fitting that we are featured on the Budget Dumpster Blog!  Check it out!

Repurposing Indianapolis: People for Urban Progress Has Upcycling Ideas for Literally Anything

What can you do with 13 acres of fiberglass roofing fabric? Or a bunch of uprooted parking meters? Or some old fire hoses? Indianapolis nonprofit People for Urban Progress (PUP) has a few ideas.

On the surface, PUP’s work is simple: they salvage materials from around Indianapolis and turn them into new products. But their motivations run deeper than the thrill of making something new out of something old. They aim to reduce waste in a way that can help change the way residents see their city. While they’ll find upcycling ideas for just about any material, they focus on salvaging items that tell a part of Indianapolis’ story. They then turn those items into a variety of fun and useful products, giving residents the chance to own a physical reminder of city pride. read more...