Group hug. Eight years. Can you believe it? 

PUP turned EIGHT this November, and while we've graduated from rudderless startup to fledgling non-profit, we're still leveraging limited resources for maximum impact. 

In so many ways, I'm proud of this. We set out to be a different kind of organization - one that makes our own luck but kickstarting the change we want to see in our city. By and large, I think we're succeeding... Indianapolis' history is our resource, design is our tool, and the city is our laboratory. 

We're committed to improving as much as innovating. For us, progress is a moving target, and for each victory, we also notice every broken PUPstop, faulty messenger bag, or ripped shade structure. We feel these missteps, and are constantly working to repair, to improve, and to re-approach wherever we can. Simply, we're still learning.  

Recently, I've been told that PUP's work isn't sexy, that it's not fundamental, that we're not a sob story worth giving money too. But the thing is, we're not competing. We're all in this together, so whether you give money toward homelessness, volunteer to support sexual assault victims, or lend your talents toward planting trees, we're all trying to elevate this city and the lives of its citizens.

At PUP, we've chosen public spaces as the field where our talents match existing needs. And as we move the needle, we're using sustainably-sourced materials while employing Indy's best creative talent. We think that's pretty fundamental, but more importantly, it's optimistic.

Our work is a glimpse into the future - it's a preview of the city we will become.  

And we're ready to expand. To surge forward. This December, PUP's storage will move to a new location. And in 2017, it's likely that we'll also be expanding our headquarters. And we need your help.

So today, on Giving Tuesday, and throughout December, we're asking you to support PUP with a donation. This will help us move, expand, collaborate with Recycle Force, and purchase more equipment. Here's a few examples:

- $12 pays for an hour of work in our fabric storage.

- $27 helps us purchase a spool of thread. 

- $100 pays for a day of work cleaning our materials.

- $425 helps us refurbish and/or repair a PUPstop. 

Help us continue to build a city that we're all proud of. So instead of giving your dough to a hole in the ground (we love you Cards Against Humanity), send a few bucks our way. You'll see it make a difference out there in the city. 

Onward, Michael

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Michael Bricker is the  Chief Innovator + Founder of PUP and works extensively in both design and film, aiming to raise the caliber and conversation of both industries in Indianapolis.