Sustainability Resources 

We believe that ILEA can help Indiana become a more environmentally friendly city. 



Make Indianapolis the best and most sustainable convention city in the US. 


1. Responsibly print your event banners and upcycle them into PUP gear. 

2. Make a commitment to implement recycling at all of your events.

3. Report your impact.

We are currently only upcycling banner vinyl, which means that the donated vinyl must also come with an order for PUP Products. If you're looking to only recycle the vinyl, PUP currently cannot take it. We are however actively looking for a local recycling partner in the city of Indianapolis that can help us out. Any leads are welcome!


The PUP Upcycling Program provides an opportunity for companies to print responsibly and upcycle their event banners into PUP Products. Products are typically sold by the company for a profit or given as corporate gifts.

There are two ways to upcycle banners with PUP

One: Turn your existing banners into PUP Product

  • Company engages PUP about upcycling their banners into product.
  • PUP reviews the materials and advises what product can be made out of that material (if any).
  • Company places an order for bags with PUP and provides company logo and banner photos for product tags.
  • PUP provides examples of the bags, Company approves and then pays for the product.
  • PUP delivers the product. 

Two: Print PUP friendly banners and turn them into PUP Product

  • Company engages PUP before choosing their vinyl and designing their banners. 
  • PUP helps you choose an upcycling-friendly vinyl for your event banners.
  • You put the PUP-approved banner logo on your event banners.
  • You place an order for bags to be made out of the banners and drop the banners off at PUP HQ when the event is over.
  • PUP turns the vinyl into product and delivers your order upon receipt of payment. 

Check out some of our branded PUP Products, and let us know if this program is a good fit for your client! Email us at to get the process started.

Current partners of the PUP Upcycling Program:


With the help of ILEA we can make sure that more event waste is recycled. We ask that you add a clause to your event contracts that encourages recycling at your event. Most event spaces currently work with a trash collector that offers recycling, you just need to specify:  


Suggested Language:

Recycling will be provided within all meeting rooms and common areas and shall be well marked and visible.

Recycling should include, at a minimum, collection of paper, plastic and aluminum.  Glass recycling is also required when available.  

Signage on recycling bins should include this information.  Recycling containers will be located next to trash containers in order to reduce contamination.

If hotel rooms are part of the event, this could also be included:

Recycling containers will also be provided in each hotel room.


If your event space does not have a trash collector who can provide recycling pick up, you can refer to the following program for assistance: 

Lend-a-Bin Program: The Indiana Recycling Coalition offers a recycling program for every Indianapolis event venue. For a small fee, the IRC is happy to provide portable, beverage-container recycling bins and food waste composting bins for your special occasion. Access program details here.


Help us measure our collective impact!  We have created an easy and direct way for you to let us know how you are helping. Simply submit the form below for each event that commits to recycling, and we will tally the total impact ILEA has had on our community! 

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