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in collaboration with Butler University, we're installing salvaged hinkle fieldhouse seats in public parks.

 Recycle Force helps haul the seats to storage so they can be prepped for installation.


In the spring of 2014, PUP was approached by Butler University to collaborate on the salvage of seats from the university's historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. The host location of  Hoosiers, Presidents, graduations, and countless basketball games, Hinkle was slated for a renovation, which included new seats. 

Given PUP's experience with the Bush Stadium Seat Salvage and subsequent PUPstop Program, we put together a plan to salvage several hundred of the old seats. In early June, we sold some as a fundraiser to raise money to install more of the iconic blue seats in public spaces on campus and around Indianapolis.

The sale attracted large crowds in addition to many media outlets, as PUP and Butler raised awareness about the value in redesigning overlooked resources for public good. The first public seats were installed in August along the Pleasant Run Greenway.