"It’s kind of a Midwest thing"

Hi.  I'm new here. Well, I guess I am rediscovering here. 

The truth is I grew up 60 miles from Indy and when I graduated from Ball State I truly believed that great opportunity existed elsewhere. So I left.

I cut my teeth in Manhattan, perfected my tan in LA and eventually sipped micro-brews in Portland while creating swoosh content for that infamous 'Global Footwear Brand'. It's been serious fun but something inside of me always felt a little off. I missed my people.

So I decided to return home. And a lot of things ran though my mind at once.

Will they have real authentic food? I thought. What do people do for fun? It is so cold! 

Well I don't know if all of you have read the latest write up in Bon Appetit about Indy, but I sure have. 

Once you get past the catchy title and deep dive into the content you see it's brilliance. John Birdsall shares his discovery that Indy is busy quietly and graciously honing it's identity and you have to try pretty hard to ignore its uniqueness. As he so eloquently writes,

"What if it isn’t so much Indianapolis trying to be Brooklyn, as Brooklyn wanting to capture something of Indianapolis?"

Damn right. 

And my questions get answered in a new way on a daily basis:

"Oh you must try Bluebeard and catch Star Wars in IMAX at the State Museum."

"And have you been to Happy Hour at the Symphony or eaten at Public Greens?"

"You have to check out Big Car and read about Plan 2020.  Oh and the donuts at Longs, you'll die."

I can't keep up. New things (and old staples) and movements and ideas are popping up all over the place. 

Indy is a quiet giant with a stealthiness that leads to actual tangible progress. You can reach out and get a response from community partners, business owners and thought leaders. (So I learned with Outpost) Something that in Manhattan or Los Angeles could take months or quite frankly, may never happen.  It's honestly (and of no surprise to the locals) kind of a Midwest Thing. 

But we totally want you to understand, and that might just be my favorite part yet. 

So with that I say; Hello PUP fans. I am so happy to be home and I can't wait to meet all of you and share with you what we are up to over here at HQ.  

It's going to be an exciting year.  Stay tuned.