PUP is Moving.

At Central State, for the first time ever, PUP will be housed under the same roof as our resources. So for those of you who have always wondered what acres of RCA Dome fabric looks like, we'll be able to show you. More importantly, we'll be able to fully highlight the trajectory of our resources - demonstrating how, through design and making, they are transformed from trash to a custom bag, a bus stop, or a pavilion.

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We Love Liz

“My time in Kenya and other developing countries helped me put a face behind the people who make our clothes. Of course I had heard of sweatshops, but when you hear someone’s story while sitting in their one room house it tends to change the way you think. I started to realize that clothing production with small fair trade production houses gives women ownership of their lives – they can choose if they want to go back to school, if they want to add on to their house, and where they will send their kids to school.”

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A good friend of mine always says - if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, then say something that is 80% true.

So here goes. I’m guessing that most of us spend at least 80% of our lives in and around the built environment. The number is probably closer to 95%, but whatever. The point is, we as citizens, rarely escape constructed space. It’s all around us, all the time. So much so that one could easily make the argument that shelter + human = civilization.  

Given the ubiquity of this relationship, it’s weird that we almost never talk about it. And here in Indianapolis, unquestionably, words like ‘design’ and ‘architecture’ are so relegated to the margins that they're almost invisible.  

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