We love this city.

Whether this is your first visit or you've been here before, welcome to Indianapolis. We love this city, and we're psyched to showcase how sports, culture, and community collide to create great things. 

At PUP, we're doers. We rescue discarded materials, redesigning them for public benefit. Your tablet case is no exception - it's specially designed for you, one of only 30. This product is made almost entirely of salvaged materials including Indianapolis Motor Speedway banners, the roof of the RCA Dome (former home of the Indianapolis Colts), and seatbelts that we cut by hand from a local junkyard. 


To get more PUP gear, shop here, and enter IMABADASS for 15% off. 

And if you'd like a PUP case for an iPAD or other device, let us know and we'll make it right.

Email Jessica at jessica@peopleup.org. She's the best.